Episode # 13

Jill Miller Interview

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Released on May 28, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe interviews Jill Miller – creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®. You will hear Jill’s amazing “back story” of how she beat anorexia and bulimia before pioneering the Yoga world and helping people from across the globe “live better in their body”. Jill explains the specific type of Yoga that she has created, which incorporates corrective exercise, self care techniques and proper breathing mechanics.

Here are some of the other things you will learn during Joe’s interview with Jill…

  • How to erase pain, improve posture and increase performance….all by yourself!
  • Joe D’s very first experience with Yoga (back in 1999) and why he (ignorantly) refused to talk to Jill Miller because of it
  • Why lifters, athletes and “meathead types” no longer have to be excluded from the Yoga community (Jill’s got our back :))
  • How Joe D. used one of Jill’s methods to improve the quality of his sleep and put an end to his panic attacks!
  • The countless benefits of “gut smashing” and how to do it properly!
  • Why Joe D. retired his lacrosse ball in favor of Jill’s Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls!
  • What the hell does “Pin, Spin, and Mobilize” mean…and why does it work so incredibly well?!

**Joe concludes the show by asking Jill to provide his audience with 3 practical “take-aways” that they can incorporate into their daily routine and immediately improve their quality of life.
Without hesitation, Jill suggested these 3 moves…

#1 – “Get Upside Down” (Inversion Self-Sedative)


#2 – Supported Hip Extension Stretch


#3 – Treat Your Neck Tissues (SupraClavicle Point)

Incorporating the above 3 (extremely simple) moves into your daily/weekly routine can literally change your life! Address these issues now and prevent pain, malfunction and even surgery later!

If you’re interested in erasing pain and enhancing your performance – without having to rely on anyone but YOURSELF – this episode of the Industrial Strength Show is for you!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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