Episode # 301

Jim Wendler & Joe DeFranco 10-Year Reunion Podcast!

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Released on January 21, 2021


0:00 – Show intro

7:35 – Jim Wendler joins the show | Podcast begins…

10:45 – Joe & Jim reminisce about their “bachelor lives” & leather couches..

15:35 – Important lessons regarding business growth

18:35 – Jim fills Joe in on what he’s currently doing [career-wise]

24:50 – The backstory behind Jim’s “Why I Hate Joe DeFranco” article

30:45 – The rewards of working w/ young kids [versus pro athletes]

40:00 – Dealing with online criticism

47:35 – Joe tells Jim how he reacted when he first found out he was having twin girls

53:30 – One of the biggest mistakes young lifters make

54:20 – Why Jim doesn’t incorporate “testing days” into his athlete’s programs

58:10 – Jim’s approach to programming assistance work

1:01:40 – The biggest difference b/t how Jim trains his high school kids vs how he trains himself

1:03:10 – Why Jim does NOT incorporate much variety into his high school team’s programming

1:06:10 – The dangers of training “too heavy” [and the importance of sub-maximal work]

1:10:50 – Jim’s top tips for training longevity


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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