Episode # 68

Joe D. Plays Doctor?!

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Released on June 30, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe gives an update on #OperationRebuildJoeD and shares some highlights (and “lowlights”) from his 2-week cleanse. He then concludes the show by answering questions from his listeners. 



7:15 – Joe thanks the audience for all their support and positive feedback during last weeks show

10:50 – Joe gives more insight on how he feels his brain chemistry got so bad

This pretty much sums up how Joe felt during the first week of his cleanse.

16:25 – Joe explains how he felt during Week 1 of his cleanse

20:30 – Joe talks about the importance of hiring a good coach

27:20 – The effect that DHEA & Pregnenolone supplementation has had on Joe’s nighttime panic attacks

36:20 – Ben & Jerry’s ice cream update!

40:50 – Is it bad if your knees travel past your toes when performing squats and lunges?

44:20 – Joe shares his healthy post-workout shake recipe!

52:35 – Do partial range exercises (like rack lockouts, board presses & rack pulls) decrease flexibility and increase your risk of injury?

60:10 – Joe reveals some new mood-elevating supplements he’s been taking in the morning

76:05 – Is it common for “one leg to be shorter than the other”? [Correcting limb length discrepancies]

84:15 – How often should you rotate max-effort lifts?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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