Episode # 241

PROVE ME WRONG! [Joe defends Box Squats, Ice Baths, Foam Rolling & More]

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Released on November 21, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / Weekend recap

10:50 – STRONG NY [charity event] Announcement

15:00Podcast begins…

16:05 – Joe reads a listener question (re: How much time does Joe currently spend reading research)

26:00 – Joe begins to discuss 3 areas that have received some “negative pub” in the research

26:55Are ice baths bad? [Joe shares his thoughts & experience]

36:40 – Will static stretching “put your muscles to sleep?” [Joe shares his thoughts & experience]

44:45Is foam rolling pointless? [Joe shares his thoughts & experience]

55:00Should compound movements always be done early in your workout (when you’re fresh)?

1:01:30Are box squats unsafe? [Joe shares his thoughts & experience]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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