Episode # 258

Joe D’s Actionable Advice for Gym Owners, Athletes & Lifters during this Coronavirus Pandemic

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Released on March 19, 2020


0:00 – Show overview

5:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Personna Razors

10:25Podcast begins | Joe shares his general thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic

16:00 – Focussing on the things YOU can control

21:30 – Vitamin D’s affect on respiratory illnesses

32:50 – What’s the deal with hoarding toilet paper?!

36:50 – Joe begins to address the gym owners who have been forced to (temporarily) shut down

43:25 – 2 things gym owners can do to stay profitable while their gyms are closed

50:30 – The importance of self improvement (investing in yourself) during this difficult time

54:40 – Joe announces the current sale on all CPPS ONLINE courses!
(CPPS Level 1, CPPS Level 2, CPPS Football Prep Specialist)

59:50 – Training advice for the “washed-up meatheads” who are forced to train at home

1:05:45 – Joe’s favorite “home workout” bodyweight exercises

1:10:00 – Different ways to make exercises more challenging

1:21:40 – Specific training advice for competitive athletes who are forced to train at home


  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
  • Personna Razors JOEDSHOW
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Thanks for listening!

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