Episode # 108

Dr. Layne Norton on Flexible Dieting, Paying Dues in the Fitness Industry & More!

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Released on April 13, 2017


1:00 – Joe makes an announcement regarding his CPPS Level 2 online certification & the DeFranco Insider

14:15 – Dr. Layne Norton interview begins…

19:00 – Layne explains the grueling process he went through to develop his Avatar Nutrition website/service

Dr. Layne Norton clears up much of the confusion regarding “Flexible Dieting” on this week’s podcast.

32:45 – Joe & Layne talk about “doing things for money” vs. doing things to “solve a problem” in the industry

38:45 – Layne explains the concept & TRUTH behind Flexible Dieting

50:05 – Ketogenic Diet misconceptions

57:35 – Layne & Joe talk about why they chose the “private sector” as opposed to working for a professional sports team

62:10 – Layne’s current training

68:30 – Layne speaks on Blood Flow Restriction training

78:40 – Layne reveals some strategies for growing your social media following


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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