Episode # 81

How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

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Released on October 6, 2016

Joe starts this week’s show by revealing the specifics of the new DVD & manual that he and James “Smitty” Smith will be releasing next month! He then spends the rest of the show answering the most popular Twitter questions from this week. 


1:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Rhone

8:50 – Joe explains the benefits of the CPPS [online] Academy

15:45 – Joe announces the specifics of the DVD & manual that he and James “Smitty” Smith will be releasing next month!

Wanna shed fat without losing your hard-earned muscle? Pick up something moderately heavy and go for a friggin’ walk!!

23:15 – Joe tells the audience about the surprising feedback he’s received from his Post-Workout Shake recipe video  #ChefBoyarJoeDee 🙂

26:05 – Joe begins to answer the question, “What are the most efficient exercises to burn fat while maintaining or adding muscle?” 

29:00 – Why you should favor sprints over jogging and other forms of low intensity steady-state “cardio”

32:20 – The many benefits (and variations) of “loaded carries”

37:25 – Joe reveals one of the “sneakiest” underground workout finishers you can do to pack on muscle and shed fat  #sixtypickup

48:55 – How to use strength training exercises to burn fat in the weight room

54:00 – The #1 contributing factor [diet-wise] that enabled Joe to reach single-digit body fat levels without losing ANY muscle

64:45 – Joe shares one of his favorite PRE-workout shake recipes – The “DeFranco Whey Latte”

67:55 – Joe shares his “Hulk Juice” recipe [non-stimulant pre-workout super shake]

70:25 – Show Closing – sponsor recap, FREE t-shirt giveaway announcement, etc.


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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