Episode # 77

Matt Mayberry interview – Turning Failures into Gifts

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Released on September 8, 2016

Matt Mayberry returns to the Industrial Strength Show to talk about his new book, “WINNING PLAYS: Tackling Adversity And Achieving Success In Business And In Life”, along with a number of other informative topics!  


11:35 – Matt Mayberry interview begins…

13:55 – Matt speaks about the importance of “taking action”

21:10 – Matt gives an overview of his new book  Matt-M-quote

21:55 – Matt talks about redefining what “failure” means

24:30 – How shifting your perspective from negative to positive can change your life

27:05 – Creating a “personal development plan” for yourself

29:00 – Joe and Matt talk about the phrase, “Compared to what?” 

37:35 – The 3 characteristics that all great leaders share

42:45 – Why does Matt make working out such a priority when he’s no longer a competitive athlete?

48:42 – What gets scheduled gets done!

51:50 – Matt shares the specifics of his current training program & discusses how he’s now “training for life”

56:20 – The forgotten aspect of “training”… Are YOU neglecting it? 

60:45 – Joe talks about his “Must-Do 2” [The 2 things he does after EVERY workout]

66:00 – Important announcement regarding the 2nd Annual Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Contest!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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