Episode # 389

Max Schmarzo On Training for Power, Programming Isometrics [and other interesting/random stuff!]

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Released on October 6, 2022


0:00 – Show intro

4:00“MuscleUpOctober” supplement sale announcement!

6:00 – Joe introduces this week’s NEW sponsor – ZBiotics

12:15Max Schmarzo joins the show | Podcast begins…

20:25 – How Max currently makes his living

29:15 – When to bring up an athlete’s weaknesses vs doubling down on their strengths

31:15 – The 3 reasons Max has his athletes lift weights

39:15 – Improving your results by identifying the negative aspects of training

43:45 – Understanding the difference between technical & physical limitations

45:00 – Assessing/Training a high school athlete vs a pro athlete

52:00 – How often does Max test his athletes

58:35 – Programming traditional sets/reps vs “% drop-off of best effort”

1:04:10 – The importance of having external cues when training for power

1:12:00 – The different types of isometrics and the reasoning behind programming them

1:23:40 – How much of Max’s training is based on “the research” vs “anecdotal evidence”?

1:24:00 – Max explains “Bayesian thinking”…

1:32:20 – The problem with being an absolutist
…And Much MORE!


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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