Episode # 21

Mike Dolce interview – LIVE TO BE 120!

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Released on July 23, 2015

This week, Joe sits down with one of the world’s top weight management coaches, aka, “The Patron Saint of Cutting Weight” – Mike Dolce.


During this information-packed conversation, you will learn: 

  • Mike’s humble beginnings and how filling a void in the world of athletic preparation has changed his life
  • Why Mike considers himself a “longevity advocate” and NOT a “performance coach”
  • Why focussing on your long-term goals will help you NOW
  • Mike Dolce’s 4 core Nutrition Principles…


  • Why the macronutrient profile of your food is NOT the most important factor when eating for health & longevity
  • Why you SHOULD buy food that goes bad in 2-3 days
  • Strategies for keeping your calories low, but your nutrition high
  • Mikes tips & tricks for cutting weight in a healthy manner
  • The specific contents of Mike’s famous “breakfast bowl” (and why EVERYONE should be eating it)
  • Mike’s opinion on vegan’s and the vegan philosophy
  • Drastically reduce the dangers of cutting weight in the sauna by doing this ONE thing. (Mike has all of his athletes do it as they sit in the sauna and you should too.)
  • Why Mike keeps his athletes fully hydrated for the majority of their weight cut
  • The philosophy behind Mike’s “check mark” affect to making weight
  • The dangers of drinking distilled water when cutting weight
  • Mike’s opinion on stevia and why you need to “read the fine print” if you’re going to use it as a sweetener
  • Why you should never cut sodium completely out of your diet – even when cutting weight
  • Stop drinking Gatorade & replace it with Mike’s simple electrolyte solution!
  • Mike’s Top 5 Superfoods that everyone should be eating!

All this plus much, Much MORE! 


Drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought of this weeks show!

– Joe D. 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. With all respect Joe I have to say that Mike Dolce provides a ton of misinformation and “broscience”.

    It sure sounds like he’s the man with the plan but his work is not based on scientific data or research.
    I totally disagree with the statement that macros are not the most important thing about food. If it was true then why does the IIFYM method work wonders for so many athletes and bodybuilders and they can enjoy fast food every single day?!

    I strongly suggest that you get an actual scientist on the podcast that has done research in the field of nutrition. I would recommend Dr. Layne Norton since he is one of the if not the biggest advocat of IIFYM and he’s a pro bodybuilder and powerlifter.
    Would really like to see someone like Dr. Norton on the podcast to clear up this topic!!

  2. Thanks for the great show. I am passionate about nutrition and am always look to increase my knowledge base. Thanks for all of the great info packed into this show.

    About sweeteners, I just learned of one recently called SugaVida. It has only one ingredient, is high in B vitamins, and is the only plant source of B12 that I have ever seen. I am curious if you have any experience with this product or have an opinion on it.

  3. It is so refreshing to hear someone from the strength and performance industry talk about a more sustainable and healthy approach to fat loss and performance. I have been strength training for just under two years and always stayed clear of any supplements and commercial dairy and meat knowing the damage they do to your insides. There’s got to be a better and healthier way to meet the same goals and GOD BLESS Mike Dolce for reinforcing it. Longevity is the key and I advocate and love his approach. One of your best guests so far Joe!! LOVE the podcasts!

  4. I love Thursdays!!! What do Ronda Rousey and Joe D have in common? It was said during the podcast. ” The best and the busiest in the world”. Thank you Joe for once again giving your audience an opportunity to hear an amazing guest. You continue to provide awesome content. I am so grateful for what you do!!

  5. Awesome show. Couldn’t of had a better guest Joe. Mike Dolce is a genius. Been follow his principles for 3 years. In my first year, I went from 221lbs to 170lbs in 11 months. I am a type 1 diabetic on insulin. Since losing the weight and since living the lifestyle my insulin intake has been cut it half and my blood sugar average has never been as good as it has been in my 18 years of having diabetes. I owe my life to Mike Dolce. He saved my life period. Thanks Mike.

  6. So much great information it’s hard to choose my favorite part! You should totally have him back again. I am going to try that Gatorade replacement he was talking about. Thanx again Joe!

  7. This is just pure awesome 2 of my favorite podcast host together in one podcast was great. Great show full of tons of information.

  8. As a 67 year washed up meathead I have been training for 55 plus years and nutrition has always been the hardest element of training for me. I have been through football, martial arts and Sprint training plus lifting along with these but my nutrition knowledge has always lagged behind my training knowledge. All of the podcasts have been great but this was the very best. If great is 5 stars then this show gets 10!!

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