Episode # 107

Mike Jolly on Neck Strength, Concussion Prevention & More!

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Released on April 6, 2017

This week, Iron Neck inventor Mike Jolly joins Joe D. to discuss a new, innovative way to strengthen the neck – while reducing the risk of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. 


3:30 – Joe announces the next CPPS Level 1 Course in Grand Rapids, Michigan [Spots still available!]

6:10 – Joe talks about the CPPS Level 2 Online Course [Registration open until April 17]

10:45 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show

“Nothing comes close to strengthening the muscles of the neck in a more functional manner than The Iron Neck.” -Joe DeFranco

14:30Mike Jolly interview begins… 

17:15 – What prompted Mike to develop a piece of equipment to strengthen the neck?

25:00 – Concussions vs. “sub-concussive blows”

26:20 – What physically happens in your body when you get a concussion?

27:50 – Mike reveals an alarming stat regarding NFL lineman and “sub-concussive blows”

32:30 – The 3 components of strengthening the neck

39:35 – Mike gives his opinion on young kids playing full contact football

44:10 – At what age can kids start strengthening their necks?

47:55 – Mike talks about The Iron Neck design and what makes it so unique

54:25 – Mike shares the results that the Clemson football team experienced with The Iron Neck

57:00 – Mike reveals his basic Iron Neck protocol

66:15 – Mike gives his opinion on neck bridging

70:05 – Mike talks about his Kickstarter campaign that will launch on May 19th


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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