Episode # 465

Why “Evidence-Based” is Overrated, How To Get Pro Athletes as Clients & More w/ Mike Stella

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Released on March 28, 2024


0:00 – Show into / preview

3:50 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – BON CHARGE

8:45Mike Stella joins the show | Podcast officially begins

11:40 – What is “The Movement Underground”?

12:40 – Blending physical therapy with strength & conditioning

18:20 – The standard assessment practice used at The Movement Underground

22:30 – The importance of the environment that you rehab/train in

26:10 – How to treat imbalances/asymmetries

35:45 – Joe shares a story of an NFL player’s experience with FMS

38:50 – Mike’s thoughts on FMS

45:30 – The importance of learning multiple systems [as opposed to going “all in” on just one]

53:55 – Why “research is more of a compass than a map”

1:07:30 – Why Mike feels stretching is overrated

1:20:40 – Are isolated rotator cuff exercises worthless?

1:24:50 – How to get pro athletes as clients

1:28:40 – What it’s like working w/ pro athletes [The stuff nobody talks about]


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