Episode # 419

My Thoughts On Eating Raw Liver, Fasted Morning Cardio, How To Do 60 Push-ups in a Row & More!

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Released on May 11, 2023


1:05 – Show preview

6:45 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Caldera + Lab

13:05Podcast begins | Business of Strength Seminar announcement

17:10 – TOPIC #1: Fasted Morning Cardio – Does it burn more fat compared to cardio performed later in the day?

25:45 – TOPIC #2: Eating Raw Liver – Is it a necessary “superfood” for those looking to optimize strength & overall health?

43:00 – TOPIC #3: The root cause of 99.5% of online arguments (in the fitness industry) & why “Joe D. from 2003” got in way more arguments than he does today

1:03:30 – TOPIC #4: How to train to perform 60 push-ups in a row


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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