Episode # 271

My Top 5 Life Lessons From 45 Years… Plus “Rapid-Fire” Q&A!

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Released on June 18, 2020


1:00 – Show Intro | Joe wishes the dads in the audience a Happy Father’s Day

10:05 – Joe reads Question #1: “If you could give your 3 best life lessons, what would they be?”

13:00 – Life Lesson 1: Live Your Passion

20:30 – Life Lesson 2: Be (Real) Nice 🙂

29:00 – Life Lesson 3: Be The (Positive) Energy You Want To Attract

34:00 – Life Lesson 4: YOU Are Responsible for Your Actions/Life

41:30 – Life Lesson 5: Be Present

47:05 – Joe provides a quick recap of his top 5 life lessons

47:45 – “Rapid-Fire” Q&A Begins…

49:00Q2: What are Joe’s work/family/physical goals for this year?

1:02:20Q3: Does Joe prefer metal or rubber/bumper plates?

1:04:20Q4: Who’s worse…”Corner Cuttin’ Bastards” or “Cat Sh*t Deadlifters”?

1:06:00Q5: How to stay motivated when you’re a washed-up meathead & PR’s don’t go up like they used to?

1:11:50Q6: What’s the biggest improvement you’ve made in an athlete’s speed that made their career better?

1:17:00Q7: Should small/private gyms get reclassified, so they’re not grouped with big box gyms…?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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