Episode # 398

Nutrition Talk w/ Jason Phillips: Macros, Muscle-Building, Mistakes & More!

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Released on December 15, 2022


0:00 – Show intro/preview

7:10Jason Phillips joins the show | The story of how Joe & Jason almost met 15+ years ago…

14:10 – The thing Joe is currently most proud of [career-wise]

18:40 – How Jason’s obsession w/ nutrition began

26:20 – The one [nutrition] statement that nobody can dispute

27:40 – How/Why Jason went from being the most hated nutrition coach in CrossFit, to the most loved/valued

29:05 – “Nutrition Periodization”

31:00 – Is it possible to build muscle & burn fat simultaneously?

35:10 – How to calculate your maintenance calories

36:55 – The intelligent approach to eating a caloric surplus & packing on muscle [without becoming a fat bastard]

42:00 – Protein recommendations

43:50 – Eating for performance goals vs aesthetic goals

47:00 – Carbohydrate recommendations

53:50 – How to know if you’re speaking with a great coach [or not]

56:25 – The worst thing you can do nutritionally

1:01:00 – Joe & Jason’s approach/thoughts on supplementation

1:13:40 – “Bullsh*t and pendulum shifts” in the fitness industry

1:18:55 – Where to follow & continue learning from Jason Phillips


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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