Episode # 209

Developing Strong, Fast, Resilient NFL Players w/ NY Giants Strength Coach Aaron Wellman

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Released on April 4, 2019


0:05 – Show overview

3:30 – Joe talks about the High Profit Gym seminar

8:40 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

12:45 – Aaron Wellman podcast begins…

14:00 – The biggest difference between being a college vs NFL strength coach

18:45 – How Aaron approaches his programming in April (after not having seen his players in 3-4 months)

21:35 – Reducing the risk for non-contact soft tissue injuries

24:50 – Aaron begins to run through the NY Giants off-season training template

30:55 – Why Aaron, Joe & Cam all program CNS intensive workouts on Tuesday (as opposed to Monday)

35:00 – Aaron defines his training philosophy

37:25 – NY Giants in-season training template

41:20 – The importance of building relationships with your athletes

50:10 – Quantifying velocity-based lifts

52:20 – How to prevent technical breakdown when programming velocity-based lifts

54:45 – Exercises vs adaptations

56:00 – The “window of greatest adaptation” and how it relates to training skill players vs lineman

59:40 – Does Aaron program specific conditioning drills in-season?

1:04:00 – Aaron & Joe each share a FrEaK athlete story 🙂


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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