Episode # 67

#OperationRebuildJoeD begins!

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Released on June 23, 2016

In this weeks unique episode, Joe invites the audience to “be a fly on the wall” during his follow-up visit with Dr. Tom Bilella.

During this visit, Dr. Tom reveals all the test results from Joe’s recent blood work. These test results include adrenal function, food sensitivities, micronutrient deficiencies, MTHFR Genotype Genetic test, the shocking news about Joe’s brain chemistry, and more!
While listening to this episode – you will not only get insight on Joe’s test results and overall health – you will learn which health markers are the most relevant for YOUR health and longevity as well! 



5:20 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show & explains why he decided to share this information with his listeners

9:25 – Joe D’s “Peak Performance Nutritional Report” begins…

10:40 – Dr. Tom reads the goals that Joe discussed with him during their initial consult

15:20 – Dr. Tom discloses Joe’s body composition results

19:25 – Dr. Tom begins to disclose Joe’s “Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Work”

            Dr. Tom explains Joe’s Neuro-Adrenal test results

21:40 – Joe’s “Comprehensive Thyroid & Adrenal Report”

27:30 – Dr. Tom reveals the results of Joe’s “Micronutrient Analysis” [vitamin/mineral test]

30:40 – Joe’s “Red Blood Cell Omega Check”

33:40 – Dr. Tom talks about the best supplement to take if you’ve suffered a concussion

34:10 – Joe’s insulin & lipid levels

40:20 – Dr. Tom explains the “MTHFR Genotype” genetic test and its effect on brain chemistry

42:50 – The results of Joe’s “Neuro-Adrenal Test”

46:20 – Joe’s shocking brain chemistry revealed!

55:05 – Joe’s “Food Sensitivity” test results

57:45 – Dr. Tom goes over Joe’s [new] personalized supplementation protocol for his 2-week “cleanse” phase

                                        Joe D’s individualized supplementation protocol

59:20 – Joe shares some personal information about his recent struggles with nighttime panic attacks

61:05 – The 3 types of Nitric Oxide [Which one should YOU be taking?]

64:20 – Why you should eat the protein on your plate first during each meal

70:30 – Joe’s message to those suffering from depression, panic attacks, post concussion syndrome and other “mood-related” issues

73:55 – Dr. Tom concludes the appointment with a few “Bilella-isms”

75:00 – Joe’s final thoughts on today’s show [including an update on his hormone levels]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe,

    Huge inspiration for sharing this man! You have no idea how much this has helped me personally. I’ve been told by medical doctors before that I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue and was put on pick me up pills that did nothing. I have now ordered some of the supplements mentioned in this show and am very excited to try them.

    1 quick question what dose of DHEA are you taking?

    Many thanks, keep up the incredible work,


  2. Hey Joe,

    Not sure where you most read comments for the show, but I just got done listening to this about 30 minutes ago. I’m a relatively new listener to your podcast so I’m catching up both ways: listening to new episodes as they come and backtracking to old ones.

    I just listened to your episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick over yesterday and today and she talks about the exact same SNP of the MTHFR gene that the guru goes over wrt to methylation of folic acid and b vitamins which I found really interesting. It’s cool to see there are some medical professionals that take a true holistic view to nutrition/health, as contemporary western medicine often turns me off with how quick prescription bandaids are thrown on rather than dealing with the underlying cause.

    A client of mine happened to ask about saunas on Tuesday, so I linked him Rhonda’s article on Tim Ferris’s site (unfortunately, one of few places to find good info on their effects) I had read awhile back and remembered I had that episode downloaded and hadn’t gotten around to listening to it. Coincidentally did and made that connection. Hard to forget the motherfucker gene, but I guess you never got tested for it until now!

    Otherwise just wanted to say thanks for the podcast. As a fairly new fitness professional, veterans are the best source of information once you’re past the basics of textbooks. You’re certainly an inspiration and I hope you can start normalizing with the good Doc’s help.


  3. Joe, super informative podcast.

    For those of us not in New Jersey (or in the USA), is it possible to get a list of what Dr. Bilella tested for? Very helpful to hear, but harder to figure out what to do with this general information. Here in Canada we need to requrest everything from our doctor if we want to get tested for it.


  4. Thanks so much for this podcast Joe. Amazingly brave to put this all out there. In the process of helping yourself there is no telling how many people you are going to help in the process. I am 43 and over the past 2 years I have struggled with a lot of the same issues regarding energy, diet, anxiety, panic attacks, pain, sleep issues, and not putting enough effort towards nutrition. I have taken the normal steps of seeing drs, a psychiatrist, trying their meds, and it has been a revolving door and in all reality none of that has been much help. I’ve helped myself more by following a lot of the advise on a lot of things I’ve learned from this podcast. This podcast has been a life changer for me since day 1, and this episode just took things to a whole other level for me and many others. This is very important life changing stuff and I will share this episode and you and Dr Tom’s knowledge with anyone who cares to listen to me.

  5. Thanks for doing this, Joe. it’s hard to do this publicly and commit to doing this all on the air in front of everyone.

    And the information is helpful to many of us, too.

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