Episode # 466

Orlando Tells All! [Intro Music Backstory, Working w/ Joe D, Does He Even Lift & More!]

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Released on April 4, 2024


0:00 – Show preview

5:10 – Joe announces this month’s “MuscleUp” supplement sale!

12:45Orlando joins the show | Podcast officially begins

16:20 – How Orlando & Joe first met

18:00 – The backstory behind Joe’s intro music!

23:35 – Orlando shares the hilarious story of his first encounter with The Undertaker

31:25 – Joe shares a “meathead moment” he recently had with his new mic/podcast set-up

33:50 – What does Orlando do when he’s not “hitting the damn intro music”?

37:50 – Does it bother Orlando that Joe never says, “Please”?

40:05 – Why doesn’t Joe ever hit the intro music?

40:35 – Is the podcast truly “live to tape” or does Orlando do SOME editing?

43:30 – Orlando’s biggest pet peeve about Joe’s podcasting style

44:35 – What’s the latest/craziest hour Joe has sent Orlando the podcast?

47:45 – Orlando shares his Industrial Strength Show editing process

55:20 – Does Orlando even lift?!

56:10 – The #1 reason Orlando trains

1:16:50 – Orlando shares his recent sticking point, the advice Joe gave him, and how he’s doing now

1:32:55 – Wrestlemania 40 predictions & other wrestling talk


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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