Episode # 150

Paul Rabil On Humility, Turning Pro vs. STAYING Pro & More!

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Released on January 31, 2018


1:00 – Show overview

6:55  Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hello Fresh [Use Promo Code: joed30]

11:15 – CPPS Announcement – Few Spots Left for March Cert in NJ! 

                                Paul Rabil & Joe DeFranco

12:45 – Paul Rabil podcast begins…  

16:10 – Paul talks about the importance of being humble   

22:30 – The 3 steps to learning & understanding information

30:40 – Why trainers and athletes need to have an open line of communication

39:00 – Paul’s relationship with Bill Belichick and how it almost lead to an NFL tryout!

44:40 – The key to longevity for athletes

49:00 – Paul shares an amazing quote from a former European basketball player regarding “older athletes” & performance

53:05 – Paul provides insight into his current training regimen

58:20 – The difference between training when you’re in high school & college vs. if/when you make it to the pros

1:08:00 – The biggest setback of Paul’s career

1:14:00 – The stigma that “great athlete’s don’t need to warm-up”

1:16:10 – Paul & Joe provide insight into their personal warm-up routines

1:26:50 – Paul talks about productivity 

1:33:20 – Paul gives a new book recommendation to athletes, coaches & trainers


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Thanks for listening!

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