Episode # 54

The 17-Year Timeline to DeFranco’s “Overnight” Success

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Released on March 24, 2016

In this week’s special 2-hour edition of the Industrial Strength Show, Joe D. takes his listeners through his “timeline of success”. This timeline reveals the most important decisions, events and dates that have had the biggest impact on making DeFranco’s Gym what it is today. Taking this “trip down memory lane” will give aspiring personal trainers and gym owners a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to “make it” in the fitness industry. You will quickly realize that there is no such thing as an “overnight success”.

Joe concludes the show by sharing his “Top 8 Business Rules” for success in any industry!



08:35 – Joe reads the question that lead to this weeks podcast topic

19:05 – Joe begins his “timeline of success” by talking about his first internship and job

22:50 – Joe creates “DeFranco’s Training Systems, LLC” and opens his first storage closet “gym”

24:55 – Joe launches his website and starts his weekly “ASK JOE” Q&A

29:00 – Joe releases his first product – a VHS tape entitled, “Mastering the Football Combine Tests

33:50 – Joe’s first major online interview entitled, “The Pro-Maker” is posted on T-Nation.com

35:25 –  Joe writes his first article for T-Nation.com entitled, Westside for Skinny Bastards: A modified lifting program for Hardgainers. The article/program becomes one of the most popular training programs ever written.

41:00Joe moves his gym out of the storage closet and into a warehouse that he can finally call his own

46:00 – Miles Austin’s agent hires Joe to prepare Miles for the NFL Combine

56:35 – Joe releases his 2nd product, “Super Strength DVD” and it rapidly sells out to an international audience

63:00 – DeFranco’s Youtube channel launches with a video entitled, “Guadango 54 inch Box Jump”

66:35 – The story behind the STRONG documentary

70:10Brian Cushing is drafted in the 1st Round of the 2009 NFL Draft

71:40 – Joe moves into his 5000sq ft dream facility 

72:00Men’s Health magazine names DeFranco’s Gym one of America’s 10 Best Gyms

73:45 – Tim Ferriss features Joe in an entire chapter of his NY Times best-selling book, “The 4-Hour Body

76:20 – A WWE wrestler by the name of “Paul Levesque” calls DeFranco’s Gym to inquire about training with Joe

84:30 – Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus pitches Joe the idea of opening a DeFranco’s Gym in Austin, TX 

90:05 – Joe’s Top 8 Business Rules for success in any industry!

114:20 – Joe announces this week’s contest/giveaway – Learn how to win a FREE pair of custom “DeFranco Strong” Fat Gripz! 


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Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Great Podcast Joe and its brilliant to go through your journey it is vey helpful and interesting. You first came up on my radar back in late 2009 when I was 30 and just starting to take steps to make my passion and hobby into my career after taking another path for 12 years after University. You was a great inspiration and showed me another route into this industry I could take than having to leave my job and go and work in a globo gym as a PT which in the UK at the time looked like the only option to take and something I was willing to do. However, no offence to those that do that job but it wasn’t what I wanted to do long term. I invested in your lost secrects of strength the biz files you did with Zach (who also directly by email helped alot in the early days) and this helped a lot. I went through all you Q&A blog posts and invested in many of your products then eventually in 2011 I left my full time job, and opened my first place. It was a massive thing to do we had just moved house and we had a 1 year old boy but I took your advice and started small and debt free in a 600sq feet unit (which always seemed dirty) and in 2013 we moved to our current place which is 2500sq feet with turf. I will always be grateful for the information you have shared over the years and continue to share I really think without it I would not have had the confidence to take the steps I did back in 2011 to open my own place. Don’t get me wrong I am always learning and there is plenty of work to still be done to get Wellness Strength Training were I want it to be but without seeing and reading about you in those early days who knows what I would now be doing.

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