Episode # 471

Power Development for All Ages & Skill Levels

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Released on May 9, 2024


1:00 – Smitty joins the show | Podcast begins

2:15 – The making of POWER! [Behind-the-scenes insight]

12:20 – Programming Heavy Ass Sled Drags

16:05 – General vs Specific contrast training pairings

22:05 – The benefits of programming “combo” movements/med ball throws

28:50 – Why EVERYONE needs to train for power

36:00 – How strong do you need to be before you can incorporate plyos/dynamic-effort into your program?

43:05 – Can you gain speed/power in your 40’s?

44:00 – How to safely program (and progress) power exercises into your training

55:00 – How/Why most injuries happen (when training for power)

57:10 – How often should the “general pop” train for power?

1:08:00 – Sneak peek into Phase 3 of WS4SB 3.5

1:12:40 – How to properly execute a Bulgarian Split Squat JUMP [What everyone does wrong!]

1:23:20 – How to properly perform box jumps (when explosive power is your top priority)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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