Episode # 215

How To Program Hill Sprints, HIIT Workouts & Isometrics for Maximal Results!

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Released on May 16, 2019


0:00 – Show intro

3:20 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

7:40 – Joe reads today’s 1st question re: Hill Sprints

10:25 – Is the injury risk greater when running hills compared to regular (flat ground) sprints?

15:00 – Should non-athletes shorten their rest periods between hill sprints (if fat loss is their priority)?

23:10 – Joe takes a trip down memory lane – recalling his childhood hill sprint workouts

A young Joe D. displays the benefits of his hill sprint workouts as he carries a linebacker on his back for 15 yards 🙂

27:10 – Hill sprint programming guidelines

30:50 – The insanely helpful hill sprint “Pro Tip” that Joe learned from his dad over 30 years ago!

40:20 – Joe reads today’s 2nd question re: HIIT Workouts

45:20 – Joe researches “best HIIT workout” on youtube

49:20 – Why most HIIT workouts SHOULD be called Low Intensity (high effort) Interval Training”

50:20 – Joe explains the 3 different energy systems

53:00 – Joe’s personal “HIIT workout prescription”

1:06:10 – Joe reads today’s 3rd question re: Isometrics

1:09:00 – The 2 different types of isometrics

1:19:55 – Programming “overcoming isometrics” vs “yielding isometrics”

1:25:45 – Joe’s message to the “research nerds” who say, “Isometrics are NOT an efficient way to build muscle.”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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