Episode # 310

Programming Supra-Maximal Eccentrics, My Favorite 10-Minute Workouts & More!

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Released on March 25, 2021


1:00 – Show intro

3:50 – Preview of topics covered on today’s show

11:20Shoulder rehab update/learning experience

19:45 – The truth about making “constant progress”

29:30Ryan Crowley pec tear discussion begins

33:40 – Joe’s thoughts on supra-maximal eccentrics

48:40 – The link between anabolic steroids and tendon tears

51:45 – Joe compliments Larry Wheels on his spotting technique

56:45Joe reads a question from a listener who only has 10 minutes a day to train

1:01:15 – Joe explains the “One Minute Workout”

1:06:55 – Joe’s Go-To 10-minute HIIT workout

1:10:25 – Benefits of daily (10-minute) walks

1:13:10 – The “Bring Sally Up” Push-up / Band Pull-Apart workout

1:15:45 – 10-Minute Push-up/Band Pull-Apart workout (Option #2)

1:17:35 – Goblet Squat/Chin-Up Ascending/Descending workout


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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