Episode # 199

The Push-up to Bench Press Ratio That Nobody’s Talking About!

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Released on January 24, 2019


0:40 – Joe introduces the audience to this week’s sponsorMark Bell’s Slingshot

8:25 – Joe’s “Public Service Announcement” regarding…skin care/health?!

16:55 – Joe reads the email that prompted today’s show topic(s)

22:55 – Joe explains why he rarely programs the overhead press

30:25 – The importance of accounting for your clients individual anatomy (when prescribing specific exercises)

38:20 – Joe reveals his bench press to push-up (programming) ratio

41:10 – Joe shares his favorite bench press set-up cues

43:30 – The simple test everyone can do to determine how stressful barbell benching is on their shoulders

48:40 – Joe explains “scapulohumeral rhythm” & why it’s so important

52:30 – The biggest difference between the bench press & push-up

53:10 – Joe describes what a proper push-up should look like

1:00:25 – Joe gives 2 specific warm-up suggestions (incorporating today’s show w/ “Wenning’s Warm-up”)

1:05:55 – Joe’s top food choices for “bulking on a budget”

1:10:00 – The nighttime shake Joe’s been recommending to his “athletes on a budget” for 2 decades!


  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
  • Mark Bell’s Sling Shot® Discount code: JoeD
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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