Episode # 189

The Incredible Story of 3X Olympian Reese Hoffa!

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Released on November 15, 2018


0:00 – Show intro

8:15 – Reese Hoffa interview begins…

8:40 – How Joe & Reese first met

13:30 – How Reese met Corey Davis and began changing his training

22:30 – The exercises that Reese feels had the highest carryover to the Shot Put

26:10 – Reese gives a general overview of his training week

Reese performs a myofascial release technique w/ the “Forge” on Joe D’s pec

27:05 – How/when Reese started throwing the Shot

30:40 – Reese begins to tell the incredible back story of his childhood, living in an orphanage & ultimately being put up for adoption 

51:45 – The role sports played in Reese’s childhood

54:10 – Reese speaks on his “life after the Olympics”

1:00:10 – The coping mechanisms Reese used to help him get through his toughest times

1:07:50 – Reese talks about the “Forge” (body tempering tool) that he co-created

1:22:00 – Reese & Corey Davis offer a special deal for the Industrial Strength Nation!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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