Episode # 430

Results From My 30-Day Band Pull-Apart Experiment, Vacation Stories & More!

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Released on August 3, 2023


2:10 – Joe & Ashley provide a full recap of their vacation

37:05Podcast “officially” begins…

38:50“MuscleUpAugust” supplement sale announcement!

42:50 – Joe begins to share the results from his 30-day band pull-apart experiment

46:50 – The specific band Joe used for the experiment

48:35 – How Joe broke up the 100 reps each day

52:55 – The “negative” experience Joe encountered during days 8 & 9 of the experiment

56:10 – What happened midway through the experiment

58:35 – The one habit [that was prompted from this experiment] that Joe will keep forever

1:01:15 – The hypertrophy changes Joe noticed [if any] during the 30 days

1:07:25 – Joe’s thoughts on HFT (high frequency training)

1:10:25 – How Joe’s chronic tennis elbow responded to his band pull-apart experiment

1:13:50 – The biggest difference Joe noticed during this 30-day experiment

1:20:30 – Joe explains “The Tension Effect”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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