Episode # 85

Rohan Murphy interview – No Excuses.

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Released on November 3, 2016

On this weeks show, Joe interviews special guest Rohan Murphy. Rohan talks about living an excuse-free life without legs, How he “walked on” the Penn State wrestling team, Why you should outline your life in pencil [not pen], and how he lives with Purpose, Passion, Pride & Perspective.



1:00 – Joe reveals the 2 new supplements that have been added to the DeFranco line of products

7:50 – Joe gives the background story of how he met Rohan joe-d-rohan-eric-legrand-copy

15:50Rohan Murphy interview begins  

22:15 – The turning point in Rohan’s life and the four “P’s” he lives by today

25:00 – Why other wrestlers accused Rohan of having an unfair ADVANTAGE [as opposed to a disadvantage]

28:45 – The story of Rohan’s first meeting with the Penn State wrestling coach

32:30 – Rohan’s amazing alternative to running sprints

34:50 – How Rohan’s success in the weight room and on the wrestling mat carried over to his everyday life

41:10 – The main message behind Rohan’s motivational speeches

42:10 – Joe tells the embarrassing story of how he almost cancelled his first meeting with Rohan

52:00 – Rohan reflects on his success and explains why you should “outline your life in pencil, not pen”

56:05 – Show wrap-up


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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