Episode # 51

Should Women Train Differently Than Men? [Plus a HUGE Announcement]

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Released on February 18, 2016

Joe kicks off this episode with a huge announcement regarding the future of the Industrial Strength Show podcast. He then gets into today’s training topic – Should Women Train Differently Than Men?



00:01:20 – Joe recognizes his listeners who left the best iTunes reviews this week

00:09:00 – Joe makes a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the future of the Industrial Strength Show!

00:17:20 – Joe shares some behind-the-scenes information as to how YOU [the Industrial Strength Nation] played a huge role in today’s big announcement

00:29:40 – Joe discusses what prompted today’s podcast topic – Should Women Train Differently Than Men?

00:33:40 – The misconception that there’s specific exercises that make you “bulkier” than others

00:37:20 – Joe’s basic Principles of Training – Are they the same for men & women?

00:43:15 – Benefits of strength training [Male vs Female]

00:46:00 – Structural & hormonal differences between men and women  – How do they effect your training?

00:50:45 – Joe explains why in-season training can be considered even more important for female athletes [compared to males]

00:53:05 – Why did Joe almost get bi*ch slapped for using the term “knee valgus”?!?!

00:59:30 – Joe gives a training tip that will help prevent ACL tears in “high risk” female athletes [PAY ATTENTION, Personal Trainers!]


01:07:20 – Joe explains why your glutes aren’t responding to your current training


01:14:00 – Joe shares a random “BROscience-based” tip for personal trainers & strength coaches who work with female athletes/clients

01:19:00 – Why most women should NOT be concerned with getting too “big & bulky” once they start strength training

01:21:25 – Joe explains what actually happens to a woman’s body [once she starts strength training] by using his famous “hamburger analogy” 🙂

All this plus much, Much MORE! 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Thank you very much Krista…I really appreciate it! And CONGRATS on turning your health around! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying your workouts and no longer need to “force” yourself to workout. (Once training and eating healthy becomes part of your everyday LIFESTYLE – as opposed to a dreaded “job” – THAT’S when the REAL success begins – both in the gym and in your LIFE!) Congrats again! We’re proud to have people like you as part of the DeFranco Insider community!

  2. Hi Joe- Thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve been listening to your podcasts since they began, researched your previous articles, and became an Insider, learning so much. Through what I’ve learned from you, I’m finally turning my health around. I used to force myself to do cardio, hating life, but now I’m finding myself looking forward to my workouts and prioritizing my health and nutrition (with some help from Onnit.) This episode, as you can imagine, was particularly useful. Wishing you a happy podcast birthday next week, and congratulations on your big announcement. I’m excited for you –you deserve it!

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