Episode # 82

The Single Best Muscle Building Exercise For Each Body Part!

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Released on October 13, 2016

Joe kicks off this weeks show by recognizing the “Sweet 16” finishers in the 2nd Annual Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Challenge! He then gets down to business and tackles three very interesting training topics:
#1  The Pros & Cons of Full Body Workouts vs. Upper/Lower Training Splits

#2  The BEST Performance-Enhancer NOBODY Is Talking About! 

#3  Joe’s Favorite Muscle-Building Exercise For Each Body Part!



1:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor [Tapout] & tells you how to save 25% on their apparel

5:15 – This year’s Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Challenge “Sweet 16” finalists

18:20 – Joe begins to discuss Question #1Pros & Cons of Full Body Workouts vs. Upper/Lower Training Splits

18:50 –  Benefits of full-body workouts

27:00 – One of Joe’s favorite methods for burning fat in the weight room  defrancosmusclemag300-copy

34:30 – Drawbacks of full-body workouts

40:55 – Benefits of Upper/Lower training split

43:25 – The biggest mistake Joe made early in his career when he first started incorporating an Upper/Lower training split

50:30 – Joe reads Question #2Can magnesium supplementation improve your “cardio”? 

62:45 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks about “Maximizing Your Mitochondria with Magnesium” 

67:40 – Joe’s [minor] rant on “The BEST Performance-Enhancer Nobody Is Talking About!” 

72:10 – Joe reads Question #3What’s the Single BEST Muscle-Building Exercise For Each Body Part?

*Joe’s favorite hypertrophy exercise for…

79:30 – Chest

joe-d-numero-uno-double-bicep-copy-284:45 – Back

87:10 – Shoulders

88:20 – Traps & Forearms

89:30 – Biceps

91:35 – Triceps

93:40 – Abs

94:45 – Legs (overall development)

95:20 – Hamstrings

95:40 – Quads

97:05 – Calves

100:05 – Show Conclusion


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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