Episode # 69

Summer’s Here: Stay Lean by Avoiding 6 Common Mistakes!

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Released on July 7, 2016

Joe starts this week’s podcast by giving the audience an update on #OperationRebuildJoeD. He also shares the specifics of his current “post-cleanse” diet. The second half of the show is dedicated to helping the listeners stay lean this summer.

Are you making 1 of the 6 most common mistakes that hijack most people’s gains each and every summer?!

Find out by listening to this weeks show!



03:55 – Joe gives an update on #OperationRebuildJoeD 

07:25 – Joe shares his post-cleanse body comp results

15:00 – Joe goes over the specifics of his current diet


30:30 – Joe explains what he’ll be talking about during the second half of today’s show, aka, Common Summer Mistakes That Kill Your Gainz! 

                       Joe D. approved??

34:05 – Joe talks about why you shouldn’t skip leg day – even when your main goal is to develop your upper body “beach muscles”

36:55 – Why going on a low-calorie diet ends up making you look worse during the summer

39:55 – Why it’s a bad idea to cut salt out of your diet in an attempt to “get less bloated”

44:35 – The BEST type of cardio to do when burning fat is your #1 goal

51:00 – The all-time biggest training mistake made by meatheads EVERY summer!

58:20 – This summer’s official #JoeDapproved alcoholic beverage!



Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi Joe D.

    French fan of your podcast since Day 1.

    I would like to have an overview of a sample day of eating when you strength train.

    @ Bryan : diet minder from memory minder

    Can’t wait for the neXT episode.


  2. Joe, once again great podcast! You continue to inspire with your dedication to your clients and now yourself. Would love a show on the use of multiple rep ranges and the types of muscle growth they induce. You touched on it briefly and I think it would make for a great “nerdy” show. As always keep over delivering!

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