Episode # 288

Surgery Recap & Physical Therapy Update! [How I’m Planning to Recover like Wolverine]

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Released on October 15, 2020


1:00 – Show intro

7:20 – How/Why Joe’s surgery almost had to be cancelled!!

18:45 – The specifics of Joe’s surgical procedure

25:20 – The positive & negative affects of having an “interscalene block”

29:00 – Joe explains [the unexpected way] he woke up from surgery

34:25 – Joe reveals his post-op supplementation protocol

44:40 – The 2 peptides Joe is going to start taking next week (and why)

52:00 – What Joe’s Physical Therapy will consist of for the first 6 weeks

55:40 – The role breathing has played in Joe’s physical therapy progress

59:15 –  How GameReady [cold/compression therapy] is helping Joe recover faster from his PT sessions

1:02:00 – Joe explains the “other” training he’ll be doing [outside of Physical Therapy]

1:12:30 – Why Joe feels his recovery is already way ahead of schedule

1:18:50 – The one aspect of Physical Therapy that Joe will NOT try and rush


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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