Episode # 339

The 10 Commandments of Training Longevity, Female #RelativeStrengthIndex standards & MORE!

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Released on October 14, 2021


1:10 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

2:50 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Four Sigmatic

7:50Podcast begins…

11:55 – Continuing the conversation surrounding the #RelativeStrengthIndex (RSI)

13:15 – Joe clarifies why he used a slantboard in this Goblet Squat video

30:35 – Joe addresses the female audience members that are interested in improving their RSI

35:20 – RSI Push-up & Pull-up standards for FEMALES

38:30 – Training advice for those who [currently] can’t do a single push-up and/or pull-up

51:30 – Joe talks about today’s other sponsor – Magic Spoon

57:30 – Joe’s Top 10 Commandments of Training Longevity

1:40:20 – Joe teases his new program…COMING SOON!

1:45:40 – Joe recommends Ageless Athlete 4.0


  • Four Sigmatic Discount Code: JOED
  • Magic Spoon promo code: JOED
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Thanks for listening!

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