Episode # 380

The 10 Laws of Training Longevity [Revised]… Plus BIG NEWS!!

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Released on August 4, 2022


0:00 – Show intro/preview

2:00 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

6:30 – Smitty joins the show | Podcast begins…

14:30Longevity Law #1: Never Train Through Pain

23:20Longevity Law #2: There Are NO “Mandatory Exercises”

30:10Longevity Law #3: Improved Technique Should Always Be Your 1st Level of Progression

43:20Longevity Law #4: Warm-up to Train; Don’t “Train to Warm-up”

53:15Longevity Law #5: Perform 2X “Back Work” to “Front Work”

59:40Longevity Law #6: Avoid Missed Reps, Forced Reps & Training to Failure [on your heavy/compound lifts]

1:07:15Longevity Law #7: Prioritize Relative Strength Goals Over Absolute Strength Goals

1:16:10Longevity Law #8: Keep Unilateral Exercises Present [In Your Training] Year-Round

1:19:40Longevity Law #9: Periodically Remove the Straight Barbell From Your Program

1:28:30Longevity Law #10: 8-10k Steps a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 🙂

1:31:00 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT re: Team Forever Strong!!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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