Episode # 170

The 5 Key [Non-Physical] Traits of World Class Athletes…plus 20 other Questions Answered!

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Released on June 28, 2018


1:35 – Big announcement regarding this year’s SB911 Transformation Challenge

15:45 – Joe reveals his favorite pair of Nike’s

19:15 – The 3 pieces of advice Joe would give to his 20-year-old self  

20:40 – Is the leg extension exercise important??

22:55 – How to dumbbell floor press by yourself

25:30 – The 3 best exercises for helping a basketball player dunk

30:50 – The effect that stress and elevated cortisol has on fat loss

32:40 – What causes the “flat” look in the morning?

35:10 – Joe’s thoughts on Physical Therapy

40:45 – Should personal trainers give nutrition advice to their clients?

45:00 – How important is the thoracic spine to your overall shoulder health?

49:00 – What would Joe’s wrestling entrance music be?

50:25 – How washed-up meatheads can prevent muscle pulls

53:30 – Joe’s advice to young trainers looking to start their own business

56:00 – The recent changes Joe has made to his diet

1:00:30 – Most efficient ways to train the 3 different energy systems

1:03:30 – Are there any “fat-burning” supplements that really work?

1:05:00 – Joe’s 3 favorite outdoor exercises?

1:06:45 – Who does Joe’s “inner circle” consist of?

1:12:00 – What [non-physical] traits make up a great athlete?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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