Episode # 340

The Art of Blending Science and “Real World” Experience w/ Dr. Corey Peacock

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Released on October 21, 2021


0:00 – Show intro/preview

5:30 – Joe introduces one of today’s sponsors – Magic Spoon

9:15 – Joe introduces today’s other sponsor – Four Sigmatic

13:40Dr. Corey Peacock joins the show / Podcast begins…

17:20 – How Corey blends science/research with “real world” experience

22:50 – Strengthening an athlete’s weaknesses vs doubling down on their strengths

32:50 – How/Why Corey uses [a variation of] Wendler’s 531 program with his fighters

38:00 – The misconception most coaches have regarding “conditioning”

39:15 – Developing fight specific conditioning “inside the cage” vs “outside the cage”

43:00 – The importance of programming REST into high-level athlete’s weekly plan

44:40 – Corey and Joe give their thoughts on ice baths

48:45 – Corey provides the “inside scoop” on some fascinating research he’s recently conducted

49:40 – Insight into “The Warrior Gene” study

52:30 – Results of the “Sleep” study that Corey conducted on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter

56:30 – “The Dark Triad” psychological profile and its relation to combat sport athletes

1:01:05 – The influence weight cutting has on brain health/injuries


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Thanks for listening!

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