Episode # 248

The “Fun Warm-Up” That Improves Performance, How To Prevent Clients from Questioning Your Results…

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Released on January 9, 2020


0:35 – Joe introduces today’s NEW sponsor – NoDoz!

6:20 – How to incorporate banded squats, bench presses & deadlifts into the SB911 program

11:10 – How to train high school athletes who also have to train at school w/ their coach

24:00 – The cRaZiEsT (and most impactful) DM’s Joe has ever received!

33:50 – How long should you coach before you start selling products?

39:20 – The secret to running a faster 2k

46:55 – How to prevent clients from getting bored (and just “going through the motions”) during their warm-up

58:30 – Are there any positive aspects of the Smith machine?

1:04:40 – Training considerations for clients diagnosed with high blood pressure

1:12:30 – NEW product/seminar collaboration w/ Jim “Smitty” Smith coming in 2020!

1:16:10 – How to prevent clients from ever questioning your credibility & results!


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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