Episode # 438

“The Iron Business Blueprint” – How To Run A Massively Profitable, Results-Driven Gym!

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Released on September 28, 2023


0:25Tyrofeine 1-Year Anniversary Sale: Final Reminder!

4:15Team Forever Strong: 7-Day FREE Trial announcement!

5:40 – Show preview

9:05 – Joe introduces Chris Tutela and they share the story of how/why they met 8 years ago

23:05 – Biggest obstacles Chris encountered after opening his gym

26:05 – Hiring your first employee as a gym owner – Who should it be?

28:30 – The worst year of Chris’ life and how he weathered the storm and continued to grow his business

34:10 – The importance of having mentors and investing in yourself

38:45 – The biggest business lesson that Chris learned from Bedros Keuilian

42:20 – The best change that Chris made to his gym post-Covid

45:00 – The difference between “customer service” vs “customer experience”

58:40 – BIG NEWS regarding the [soon-to-be-launched] Iron Business Blueprint: 90-Day Coaching Program!

1:03:20 – FREE “Iron Business Blueprint” webinar announcement!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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