Episode # 411

The Lost Training Files: Sharing In-House Research That I Conducted From 2000 – 2012!

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Released on March 16, 2023


0:45 – Show preview

3:45 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – RHONE

8:50Podcast begins | Joe shares the back-story of how today’s show topic came about

25:05“Study #1”: Contrast training and its effect on sprint times

43:00“Study #2”: Optimal sled loading for increasing speed/horizontal force production

55:40“Study #3”: The effect that static stretching the hip flexors has on vertical jump performance

1:05:00“Study #4”: The effect that pre-workout static stretching has on speed, power & overall performance

1:13:15“Study #5”: Performing your primary workout on Tuesday vs Monday

1:20:00“Study #6”: Partial-range lifts and their effect on full-range strength

1:32:40“Study #7”: High Resistance Intervals (HRI) – Are they an effective conditioning method for football players?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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