Episode # 407

The Most UNDERRATED Exercises for Longevity, Top 3 Worst Mistakes Most Lifters Make & More!

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Released on February 16, 2023


0:15 – Joe gives the audience a preview of his next 2 podcast guests

3:50 – Joe reads TWO winning iTunes reviews!!

6:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – RHONE

11:00Podcast begins…
Joe reads Q1: “Where does muscular power fall in the ‘Training Longevity Hierarchy’?”

19:10 – The physical quality that declines the most with age

30:25 – Joe’s favorite JUMP variations for the over-35 lifter

39:15 – Joe’s favorite MED BALL THROW variations for the over-35 lifter

43:10 – How to scale SPRINTS [when longevity is the main goal]

46:50 – The link between backwards sled drags and longevity

53:40 – How to easily incorporate sprints, jumps & med ball throws into your current program

59:10 – The affect that “exercise variety” may have on your MIND, body & longevity

1:03:05Joe reads Q2: “What are the top 3 mistakes most lifters make [which prevents them from reaching their goals]?”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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