Episode # 171

The One Thing Joe Hates Most About The “Fitness” Industry [Plus an Epic Q&A]

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Released on July 5, 2018


If you prefer going to the gym everyday [for mental health purposes] you must make sure to manipulate the volume and intensity accordingly 🙂
1:00 – Show intro / overview

9:15 – Benefits of barefoot training

16:00 – Joe’s 4-phase athletic assessment

25:05 – Best way to build up your clientele as a new personal trainer

31:00 – Best way to prevent hamstring pulls while sprinting

39:55 – Advice for those who NEED to lift everyday [for their mental health]

47:00 – Better alternatives to kneeling “girl” push-ups

51:45 – What Joe loves & hates most about the current state of the fitness industry

1:10:20 – Training & nutrition advice for Law Enforcement Officers

1:17:35 – The one thing every successful person has in common

1:20:15 – The 4 mobility drills that should be done daily, forever

1:24:10 – Joe defends his 2:1 [horizontal pull vs. vertical pull] ratio recommendation

1:31:30 – Biggest difference between training natural vs. “enhanced”

1:36:25 – Joe’s 5 must-read book recommendations for everyone in the S&C field

1:53:00 – Should you train when you’re sick?

1:54:55 – Joe recalls the emotional day his football career ended and how he began setting new goals for himself

2:01:00 – If Joe could pick 4 people [alive or dead] to have a savage, DeFranco-style group workout with, who would they be?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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