Episode # 314

The Truth About “Knees Over Toes” Training w/ Ben Patrick!

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Released on April 22, 2021


0:00 – Show intro | Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

3:20 – Joe introduces today’s guest & provides a show preview

10:00Ben Patrick joins the show | Podcast begins!

10:40 – How Joe’s work influenced Ben’s career & his current programming

15:35 – The #1 mistake young athletes make in their training

17:05 – Is Ben’s programming too “extreme”?

19:10 – The foundation of developing athleticism

26:05 – Joe & Ben discuss some of the unique “special strength exercises” on their gym record boards

30:10 – The most underrated aspect of “HASD’s” (Heavy Ass Sled Drags)

31:35 – How Ben starts every workout

38:40 – How the sled could change your longevity

43:15 – Ben shares his favorite “strength measurable” for the hip flexors

46:05 – How Jonathan Edwards used Nordics to help him win a gold medal in the Triple Jump

52:00 – What’s the % of flexion training vs extension training in Ben’s programming?

55:35 – How Ben’s program improves ankle mobility WITHOUT using any classic “mobility” drills

57:40 – Why almost all vertical jump programs are a complete lie!

59:20 – Ben’s thoughts on “training through pain”

1:02:30 – Joe & Ben discuss different knee “diseases” & “syndromes”

1:06:40 – Ben’s approach to improving low back pain/health

1:17:00 – Ben’s unorthodox upper body workout

1:17:35 – Why Ben closed his gym & what his business looks like now


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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