Episode # 188

The TRUTH About Young Athletes Who Specialize Too Soon & Joe D’s Favorite Gangster Movie Scene!

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Released on November 8, 2018


1:00 – Joe thanks the audience for all the incredible feedback on last week’s show

9:55 – CPPS Level 2 [online course] announcement!

16:40 – Joe goes off on a tangent regarding his favorite gangster movie scene

23:40 – Joe finally begins to discuss this week’s TRAINING topic…

25:45 – Joe reads the DM that prompted today’s show topic

32:00 – The #1 thing that drives Joe nuts about parents who defend “early specialization”

38:45 – How to “play the odds” and give your kid the greatest chance to become a pro athlete

41:30 – Joe’s top 3 sport/activity suggestions for young kids

46:40 – When is the appropriate time to specialize?

48:15 – The importance of having an “off-season”

50:45 – How Joe helped 3 “high-level” hockey players get rid of their knee & groin pain

1:02:40 – Joe’s message to all crazy parents

1:04:55 – Joe’s message to young athletes

1:11:00 – New merch announcement!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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