Episode # 129

When Violence Is The Answer [Tim Larkin interview]

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Released on September 14, 2017


1:30 – Show overview

6:10 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Kumho Tires

Tim Larkin demonstrates the eye gouge against a knife attack

7:30 – Joe announces the launch of DeFranco Insider 2.0!

13:25 – Tim Larkin interview begins  

14:15 – Tim provides context to the title of his new book, “When Violence Is The Answer” 

18:50 – The difference between “fighting” & “violence”

25:45 – Tim explains the “tool of violence” and when it’s considered justified

30:40 – The correlation between sports injury data and self defense techniques

44:30 – What Tim learned about violence from studying prison gangs

57:50 – Tim shares the story of his first introduction to a true injury and how it ended up affecting his career

63:15 – The theory behind Tim’s “Target Focus Training”

72:50 – Why it’s so important to understand the tool of violence

79:10 – Tim tells the audience how they can get enrolled in his 10-week online video course for FREE!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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