Episode # 252

Understanding Kinesio Tape, Explaining What “Psoas Release” REALLY Means & More w/ Dr. Gregory Doerr

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Released on February 6, 2020


0:10 – Joe announces the winner of last week’s giveaway

3:10 – Show overview

9:45 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – NoDoz

14:15 – Podcast begins | Dr. Gregory Doerr joins the show…

16:45 – How much of Dr. Doerr’s “Chiropractic College education” does he use each day when treating patients?

21:50 – What do Joe’s treatments with Dr. Doerr consist of?

26:20 – Is the word “release” a misleading term?

28:40 – “Releasing” the psoas muscle – Is it possible? What’s REALLY happening?

35:40 – Knowing the difference between a “stable injury” vs “unstable injury”

38:00 – When are “pro-inflammatory” treatments beneficial and when should they be avoided

45:15 – Kinesio tape discussion begins…

49:30 – What kinesio tape does & doesn’t do

1:01:20 – Best practices for self myofascial release

1:03:10 – Is foam rolling the IT Band a waste of time?

1:04:35 – The primary cause(s) of most people’s low back pain/tightness

1:06:35 – Why stretching your “tight hamstrings” isn’t helping

1:08:25 – Will cracking your knuckles give you arthritis later in life?


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Thanks for listening!

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