Episode # 200

Did I Change My View on “Unstable Training”? [Plus other polarizing topics w/ Cameron Josse]

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Released on January 31, 2019


1:15 – Joe announces the specifics of this week’s BIG contest/giveaway!

9:40 – Joe gives an overview of the topics covered on today’s show

14:10 – Cameron Josse joins the show

21:30 – Joe & Cameron begin to discuss unstable training

31:40 – Joe reviews how DeFranco’s Gym originally got the reputation as being “anti unstable training”

38:20 – Joe & Cam begin to discuss the speed ladder & agility training

43:15 – Cameron explains the “OODA loop” (as it relates to agility)

45:30 – The 2 primary pillars of agility performance

52:30 – Youth athlete discussion begins – early specialization vs playing multiple sports

58:00 – Joe provides a sample timeline for developing the “ultimate athlete” (from birth through college)

1:11:45 – “Internet expert” discussion begins

1:20:00 – Cam & Joe talk about the “stuff your clients don’t see” when they come in to train with you

1:23:15 – Joe summarizes what he’d like the “barrier for entry” to be for someone looking to become a professional trainer/coach


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Thanks for listening!

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