Episode # 266

Wearing a Mask at the Gym: Safe Precaution or F*cking Stupid?!

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Released on May 14, 2020


1:00 – Show intro / Off-topic conversation

10:15 – Joe announces his upcoming appearance on the Strong Dad Army Podcast

13:50 – If Joe could re-invent the sport of powerlifting [to make it more “washed-up meathead friendly”] what 3 exercises would he choose?

22:00 – Is wearing a mask while exercising a safe precaution or is it dangerous & f*cking stupid?

30:35 – Why wearing a mask makes most people feel lightheaded, out-of-breathe, etc.

34:10 – How/Why clients should start building up their CO2 tolerance before heading back to the gym [if they’re going to train w/ a mask on]

42:40 – What to do if you’re training someone that’s wearing a mask and they start to feel sick

46:40 – Why training outside might be a better option during COVID-19


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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