Episode # 291

Why All Reps Were NOT Created Equal!

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Released on November 5, 2020


0:00 – Show intro/preview

6:00Smitty joins the show | Podcast begins…

6:40 – Joe shares a funny story of how he almost punched a “middle-of-the-mall” guy

14:05 – Smitty discusses the importance of “intentional” reps

20:00 – How Smitty has approached his reps differently [as he’s gotten older]

24:05 – Joe explains why “all reps were not created equal…but they do all count!”

27:40 – Poor spotting technique & racking/unracking weights [The silent “joint destroyers”]

32:10 – The training content that needs to be on social media, but isn’t

39:20 – The best thing you can do now, in order to prevent pain/injury later in life

41:05 – The question all lifters should be asking themselves

45:55 – A unique approach to programming reps/sets

56:20Joe reads a listener question: “How did you guys navigate through all the different information and training philosophies [early in your careers] to eventually come up with your own/current system of training?”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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