Episode # 235

Why I Switched From Coffee to Caffeine Tablets, How To Build Dense/Hard Muscle, Plus FULL Q&A!

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Released on October 3, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / Joe wishes his dad a Happy Birthday 🙂

3:00Muscle Up Monday $ale announcement!

3:55November CPPS course announcement!

5:40 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active

9:30Podcast Q&A begins…

10:00Q1: How do you organize a “power” lower body workout?

16:00Q2: When is the DeFranco/Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit collab?

17:00Q3: What are the best lower body exercises for tall athletes w/ long legs?

21:05Q4: Joe – Are you still taking caffeine tablets instead of drinking coffee? If so, why?

30:10Q5: If you only had 30min twice a week to train a client, how would you train them?

32:00Q6: Will your DVD’s soon be available for download?

33:55Q7: Does the DeFranco Insider have programs for beginners? 

36:30Q8: How do you train to get hard/dense muscles [as opposed to the “soft & puffy” look]?

47:50Q9: When are you going to admit you get your eyebrows groomed weekly?

49:15Q10: How can I improve my ankle dorsiflexion? Every stretch seems impossible to do.

57:45Q11: Joe – What is your favorite Italian dish?

1:02:00Q12: At 16 years old, what do I need to do to make it to the WWE?

1:10:40Q13: Have you ever consider being an NFL strength coach?

1:15:25Q14: Thank you for the pregnenolone recommendation, it got me out of a depression.

1:17:15Q15: What are your top 3 networking/relationship building tips?

1:23:05Q16: Do you wish you had hair?

1:23:50Q17: If you weren’t friends with Smitty would you still go into business with him?
[What to look for in a business partner]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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