Episode # 420

Why Most Diets & Workout Programs Fail [And What YOU Can Do To Change That] w/ Adam Bornstein

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Released on May 18, 2023


0:00 – Show intro/preview

6:45 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Ice Barrel

12:20Adam Bornstein joins the show | Podcast begins

14:25 – Adam reflects on the “3 phases” of his career and shares some of the coolest sh*t he’s gotten to do

26:15 – One of the biggest problems in the fitness industry today

33:35 – The premise of Adam’s new book, “You Can’t Screw This Up”

35:35 – Where most trainers go wrong [when creating a nutrition/workout plan] for a new client

40:30 – The importance of creating boundaries that give your day structure

43:10 – 2 simple [yet extremely effective] tips that prevent you from overeating

46:00 – Creating a meal plan that works for you by finding your “plus one”

49:00 – The importance of focussing on ONE THING at a time

51:10 – What Adam learned about leadership from Tim Tebow

58:00 – How to pick the one habit that will have the biggest impact on achieving your goals

1:10:00 – The truth about metabolism


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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