Episode # 192

The REAL Recipe for Getting “Shaped & Toned” w/ WWE & ESPN On-Air Personality Charly Arnolt

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Released on December 6, 2018


0:00 – 17:40 – Pre-Roll  / Show Intro

20:05 – How/when Charly started training

          Has lifting heavy weights made Charly “big & bulky”??

23:10 – Was Charly ever a “cardio bunny” who feared lifting?

24:50 – How did Charly get involved with the WWE?

27:40 – Charly’s travel schedule & how she fits in training

30:45 – Lifting heavy and Charly’s pursuit to pack on muscle!

38:25 – Charly’s favorite recovery methods

42:40 – Charly talks about her diet

44:20 – The biggest nutrition misconception that women have

47:30 – How to stay motivated in a “filtered” social media world

54:10 – The importance of community

57:30 – Why “more” is NOT better when it comes to the number of exercises you perform

1:00:00 – Charly provides her best productivity tips

1:02:40 – How Charly maintains a positive mindset in such a cut-throat, competitive industry


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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